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Professional laser equipment suppliers, provide laser engraving and cutting machine, fiber/UV/Co2 laser marking machine, accessories, materials and technical support.

Pro series co2 laser cutter
Co2 laser cutter 4060/6090/1390/1610/1810
laser marking machine
Fiber laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine UV laser
Smart co2 lser engraver
smart series co2 laser engraver machine 3020/3050/4040/4060


Humma laser opened its door as a laser machinery supplier.

We supply co2 laser engraver, co2 laser cutter, laser marking machine(fiber laser, UV laser, CO2 laser), also, Humma is a laser production service provider in China.

Humma support ODM, OEM service.

Humma laser was born in a  business Industrial area(Liaocheng, Shandong), specialized in making machines in China. 6 years in-depth laser technology know-hows have given the company an unparalleled edge in the mastery and integration of the whole value chain. 

We look forward to working with our business partners around the world, let’s WIN-WIN together

One-on-one free costs evaluation (High Return on profit)

At Humma, we care more about how our customers could make the right investment and power positive revenue by producing market-driven and consumer-oriented laser products at minimum manufacturing costs.

One-on-one free project feasibility consultation

High efficiency and flexible operations, provide complete consulting services and technical guidance from pre-sale to after-sale.

Full product line

We believe that having the best-fit production is merely the first step to your success in laser business. From Start series(Beginners )--Smart series(Small and delicate )--Pro series( The all-powerful series)--Plus series(large cutting bed), Marking series(High speed), we have a full product line. Easily choose a better suit for your business.

One-stop raw material procurement

High efficiency and flexible operations, provide complete consulting services and technical guidance from pre-sale to after-sale.



A wide range of application.

For engraving cutting metal and non-metallic materials, suitable machines can be found.

With a low-cost system line, especially for start-ups with basic needs.

laser engraving machine


Protable co2 laser engraveing machine, the style is incomparable, small format, Automatic control of belt, high-quality engraving and cutting.

The perfect desktop laser cutter is a better choice for home use to starting a  business


CO2 laser cutter with larger work area, faster speeds, and higher engraving quality along with touchscreen controls.

Up your capabilities,leaps in productivity and elimination of heavy labor works.

CNC laser cutter (PLUS SERIES)

The higher power and larger working area offers more space and the ability to cut thicker material.

Upgrade automatic feeding function saves labor and makes efficiency more efficient


Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for marking metal surface and part of the non-metal surface, the marking effect is perfect, can mark all kinds of fine and complicated patterns required by the user on the extremely tiny surface.


UV laser is almost suitable for processing all materials except copper material. 

High beam quality. It can achieve ultra-fine marking, the light spot is very small. 


 CO2 lasers produce long-wave infrared light, which is well suited for laser engraving and laser cutting many non-metal materials, such as wood, plastic, glass, ceramic, leather, stone and other organic-like materials. 

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