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6 tips which the Acrylic laser cutting machine users must know! (Very very important!!! )

Acrylic laser cutting machine is one of our factory production sales and user volume is very large, cutting acrylic (plexi glass) to pay attention to what?

Acrylic is actually the scientific name of organic glass, organic glass (Polymethyl methacrylate), abbreviated as PMMA. with high transparency, low prices, easy mechanical processing and other advantages.

Acrylic is widely used in commercial, light industrial, construction, chemical and other fields.

Everyday we are most commonly seen in advertising decoration, sand table models, display boxes, such as signs, billboards, light box panels and some letter panels.

Acrylic laser cutting machine users must know the following six points.

1. No unattended machine

Cutting acrylic is easy to catch fire. We have a taste of the customer’s factory because of cutting acrylic unattended, resulting in the machine on fire, fortunately only the top cover of the machine was burned, did not cause significant damage or casualties.

2. Recommended configuration of laser deodorization and purification machine

Acrylic is mainly composed of methyl methacrylate, cutting and burning will produce strong irritating gas, it is recommended that customers configure a laser deodorization and purification machine to avoid complaints.

3. According to the thickness of acrylic to choose the appropriate focusing lens

Because of the characteristics of laser focusing, cutting acrylic on the upper and lower edges will have errors, so choose the right focal length.

Less than 5 mm acrylic can use 50.8mm focus lens;

6-10mm acrylic can use 63.5mm focus lens;

10mm-20mm acrylic is recommended to use 75mm/76.2mm focal length focus lens;

For 20mm-30mm acrylic, 127mm focal length is recommended.

4. Adjust the blowing air

Blowing too large will lead to the melted part of the auxiliary high-pressure gas blowing back to the Plexiglas, the formation of unsmooth surface, not blowing or too small and easily lead to fire, so you need to adjust the blowing to find the most suitable amount of blowing in the process of use.

5. Reduce the support knife strip

Reduce the support knife bar, to prevent the reflection of the laser knife bar to the bottom caused by fire or smoked acrylic.

6. Select high-quality acrylic sheet

Acrylic on the market is divided into extrusion plate and casting plate. Casting plate in the transparency of 98% or more, while the extrusion plate is only above 92%, the edge of the cast plate without pockmarks, and the edge is very transparent, the cutting effect is better, the edge is relatively smooth.

7. Consider the laser machine on the linear module drive

Now on the market some do acrylic keychain edge is very smooth, with belt-driven acrylic laser cutting machine cutting is more difficult to achieve, to achieve such a smooth degree have to use linear module acrylic laser cutting machine, we also have production, customer feedback good performance and stability.