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Nowadays, in various branches of industry, we have incredibly precise machines that enable us to achieve every goal, even if it is an extremely small element or form. This is no different with acrylic processing with a laser. All projects, for which individually tailored acrylic cutting is required, thanks to the excellent parameters of the machines are possible to achieve precise realization even in the smallest detail. Whether you need to cut, engrave or mark something, we can do it with unprecedented precision thanks to current technology.

acrylic cutting

Gone are the days when the acrylic industry used conventional processing systems to create signs, letters, gifts and other promotional materials. Now laser systems score points thanks to the high flexibility and versatile capabilities we include:

– Smooth and polished cutting edges that require no reworking; 

– Maintenance-free and contact-free processing agents; 

– Freely selectable contours; 

– One-step laser cutting and engraving processes and much more.

Today’s acrylic processing machines feature flexible software that can be adapted to any project, as well as an optical recognition system to achieve such good results. It doesn’t matter whether we need to create a large or microscopic component – in any case, we are able to achieve the best possible quality of the final product.


Laser cutting in acrylic has many commercial and promotional applications. After all, the quality of the product depends on whether customers are interested in it. Therefore, if our product assumes the use of elements made of this material, we should commission professionals who know how to cut acrylic so that it presents itself in the best possible way. It is in such hands that displays and presenters made of acrylic, processed with the latest laser cutting systems, show their beauty, and then they are useful because of their quality and elegance to present the target product.


 Compared to other technologies, lasers have many advantages in use for acrylic processing. If we outsource the production to a company that knows how to cut acrylics, we eliminate the presence of sharp edges in the object, which in turn means that the object does not need to be polished, deburred or milled. Thanks to this, cutting acrylics in this way is faster and more efficient than other forms of processing. The laser therefore saves both time and money.

The laser has the additional advantage of less handling: reduced risk of damage and injury to personnel. In addition, we also minimize the amount of scratches that can occur much more often and deeper if we decide to process acrylics in a different way. While alternative methods require the use of clamps and related materials – which makes the production process longer over time and more cumbersome – the material does not require a similar method of clamping for laser cutting. It is enough to use Humma Laser Pro series, 600*400mm, 900*600mm, 1300*900mm, 1600*1000mm, different working area for your needs

acrylic cutting


Laser processing is not only safer for acrylic, but also allows it to be used in a much larger spectrum, such as advertising, use as a protective or presentation material, etc. When using the laser, a special coating is also provided, which makes the acrylic completely non-flammable or less flammable, making it more difficult to destroy the manufactured element. This in turn generates more sales and better economies of scale.


The combination of acrylic with laser allows for better aesthetics and excellent presentation quality. Because laser cutting is precise, non-contact and clean, it produces better results than cutting with traditional methods. This can already be seen today – acrylic, once considered to be a material only for spaceships and astronauts, today finds many different applications in everyday human use, and the use of lasers has significantly reduced the cost of working with this material.

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