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Why laser engraving uneven?

Laser engraving common applications are rubber board engraving, wood board engraving, EVA sponge version engraving, etc. And when the laser deep engraving, the bottom is not flat, this is one of the common failures. such as: 1. Depth carving with obvious protrusion phenomenon 2. An obvious unevenness at the horizontal

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What’s the common problems of engraving double layer plastic sheet?

Many customers and friends who do graphic advertising need to use double layer plastic sheet(2 layer acrylic sheet), and in the process of buying and using laser engraving machine, many people will encounter some problems, so this article will introduce:  Laser engraving machine selection Two-color plate engraving FAQ How to

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How to focus a fiber laser marking machine?

In terms of focusing, usually there are three different types of marking machines, basic models, dual red light focus and auto focus. Many customers have asked us before, what is the focal length of this field lens and What is the that focal length? I have also seen the introduction of

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co2 Laser Marking Machine Kiss Cutting Common Problems & Solutions

High power CO2 laser marking machine kiss cutting reflective engraved film or heat transfer film(HTV), is a relatively common application.Many to the sports brand OEM factories, mass production of clothing and shoe LOGO, are to use CO2 marking machine to do kiss cutting workThe cutting effect is unstable, engraved impermeable

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Fabric laser cutting machine common problems and solution

Fabric laser cutting is more widely used, such as textiles, clothing, plush toys, fabrics, etc., often encountered the problem of cutting white fabric is easy to yellow, so how to solve this problem? There are many types of fabrics, divided into non-woven, polyester, indeed, silk, satin, twill and so on,

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