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Basis info for choosing CO2 laser cutter?

What is the basis information for choosing your laser cutter?

Do you want to get started in laser cutting? Good idea ! This machine is a real wonder, and the economic potentials are real. But when you don’t know anything about it, it can be difficult to choose your laser cutter.

In this article, we take stock of the technical characteristics of a laser cutter. You will find that choosing the right size, the right power, and the right options is the foundation before buying a CO2 laser cutter.

Let’s go ?

The main components of a laser cutter and their quality
Axes, step-by-step systems, air extraction, water chiller, limit switch sensors: do these words mean nothing to you?

If you are completely new, then it is essential to train yourself at least in the operation of a laser cutter. Indeed, understanding what are its components, and their uses will allow you to make a reasoned choice.

In this dedicated article, you will find a lot of information.

The power of a laser cutter

There are laser cutters of different powers. In fact, it is the CO2 tube that determines its power. On the market, you can find small 30-watt power cutters, but also much more powerful 180-watt models. like 200w, 300w.

Of course, you don’t do the same with a 40w as with a 140w.

Under normal circumstances, the greater the wattage, the thicker the material that can be cut. Of course, it will also be related to other factors, such as the beam size of the laser tube, the quality of the reflector and focusing lens, etc. We have the opportunity to Write a separate article to elaborate on this issue


Small cutter? Big ? Are you wondering which one is best suited to your needs? Size is a determining factor in choosing a laser cutter. Indeed, a large work surface is more suitable for mass production when a mini-machine like the K40 is perfect for hobby.

The control system

Once your file is created, send it to your machine for it to perform all cutting, marking or engraving tasks. The component that manages this is the control system. The most famous – and practical – is the Ruida controller. But there are many more.

The options of CO2 laser cutters

There is a world between a first price machine produced in series, and a high-end model. And we don’t just want to talk about after-sales service… In fact, some manufacturers offer interesting options and functions for CO2 laser cutters: auto-focus, through system, cylinder holder, etc.

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To choose your laser cutter, it is essential to look at its technical characteristics

Yes: we do not all have the same needs and desires. Someone who wants to buy a hobby laser cutter will not have the same budget as a professional. This is why size, horsepower or options should be carefully analyzed.