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Leather is an organic material that provides excellent results when processed with a CO2 laser system. Each type of leather reacts differently. That is why the textile industry, accessories manufacturers, artisans and companies dedicated to personalization and promotional gifts have laser machines for cutting and laser engraving on leather in

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Using tips and tricks of laser engraving and cutting machine

If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. The realization of a good laser idea is inseparable from laser processing technology. Mastering the correct laser processing methods and skills can make the production of laser works more effective and create exquisite effects. 1.

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CNC Router VS CO2 Laser cutter: Which is suitable for my production?

In these times when companies must carefully invest their resources, especially in technological equipment, it becomes more important to identify their benefits, to make the best business decision. In 2021, businesses are waiting for the reactivation and growth of the industrial market, which is estimated between 5 and 7% higher

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What kind of plastics can be processed by CO2 laser?

Plastic process was one in all the sectors within which the introduction of the CO2 laser was right away appreciated. optical laser has created it potential to hold out quicker, additional precise and fewer wasteful processes. Flexibility has been the watchword that created new strategies potential andopened up new areas

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4 tips to increase the life of laser cutting machine

A laser cutting machine is an investment that can cost several thousand or even several tens of thousands of dollors. In other words, it is essential to preserve and take care of it. In this article, we offer you 4 tips to increase the life of a laser cutter. These

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Which power of CO2 laser cutter to choose?

Among the first criteria for choosing a laser cutter, we find the power of the CO2 tube. There are tubes ranging from 30 to 180 watts. Obviously, they don’t have the same performance, nor the same use and utility. We take stock of the different tubes and the best laser

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The different controllers of laser cutter

The controller, or control card, is a centerpiece of the machine. The control system makes it possible to manage the parameters of the machine: power, height of the worktable, position of the laser head, launching of several successive tasks, etc. There are several on the market, the best known being

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