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What is a CNC laser engraver?

CNC laser engraver, also called Laser engraver, Laser engraving machine , is a machine that engraves by laser. The principle is that the light energy of the laser beam causes physical or chemical changes in the surface material to engrave traces, or burn out part of the material through the light energy to display the desired etched graphics and text.

According to the type of laser source, it can be divided into Co2 laser engraver, Fiber laser engraver,  UV laser engraver. According to the form of processing materials, it has wood laser engraving machine, acrylic laser engraving machine, metal laser engraver, leather laser engraver, .etc.

  • CO2 laser engraver is to engrave the traces of the physical changes of the surface layer material by the light energy of the laser beam, or burn off some materials by the light energy, and display the required etched graphics and text. (The beam is a long-wave laser)
  • Fiber laser engraver uses a short-wave laser beam to directly break the molecular chain of the substance through the evaporation of the surface layer to expose the inner layer of the substance, or the physical change of the surface layer caused by light energy or the burning of part of the material by light energy. The pattern and text to be etched are required. (The beam is short-wave laser)

  • The UV laser engraver uses its ultra-low power short-wave beam to directly break the molecular chain of the substance, causing the material to undergo nonthermal process damage,  and does not produce heating or thermal deformation on the processed surface and the vicinity of the inner layer. Draw the required graphics and characters.  (The beam is an ultra-short wave laser)

What is the CNC laser engraver mainly used for?

>>> Co2 laser engraving machine,

Is mainly used for craft engravings, such as

  • Engraving portraits, badges, badge craft gifts,
  • Advertising decoration, packaging and printing,
  • Bamboo and wood products, paper products,
  • Fabric cutting, leather hollowing,
  • Electronic appliances, computer embroidery cutting, models,
  • Plate making, Seals and other non-metallic industries


>>> Fiber laser engraving machine

  • Plastic light-transmitting keys, integrated circuits (IC), IC chips, electronic components, and other plastic products,
  • Digital product parts, precision machinery,
  • Jewelry,
  • Hardware accessories, hardware tools, measuring tools and cutting tools,  sanitary ware,
  • Clocks and glasses, electrical appliances,
  • High-precision product identification for mobile phone communication parts, auto parts,  medical equipment,
  • Building materials, and pipes.


>> UV laser engraving machine

  • Mobile phone manufacturing, 3C electronics industry, flexible PCB board marking and dicing, silicon wafer micropore, pore processing,
  • LCD liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code marking, glass utensil surface drilling,
  • Metal surface plating marking Standards, plastic buttons, electronic components,
  • Gifts, communication equipment, building materials, etc.
  • Ultra-fine high-end processing markets such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and other polymer materials.

What kinds of laser machine does HUMMA LASER have?

>> Co2 laser engraving machine : 

 desktop laser engraver,  portable laser engraver, CNC laser engraver,  wood engraving machine

>> Fiber laser engraving machine:

 Jewelry engraving machine Rings engraving machine Dogtag engraving machine

>> UV laser marking machine:

3W UV laser marking machine 5W UV laser marking machine

What factors should you consider if you want to buy an engraving machine?

 1. Machine configuration: Whether the accessories of well-known brands have the greatest impact on the machine

2. The model, select the appropriate model according to your actual business situation

3. Power: The power of the machine is the most important for the machine to maximize its effectiveness.

4. Production process and after-sales service: This is the same important condition as the machine configuration.

5. Taxes and fees for the machine.

6. Transportation costs for the machine.

7. Customs clearance fees for the machine

How much does the Laser engraving machine cost?

— CO2 laser engraving machine 400$-80000$

— Fiber laser engraving machine 1600$-10000$

— UV engraving machine 4500$-7000

Co2 laser engraving machine for sale

Fiber laser engraving machine for sale

UV laser engraving machine for sale

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