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co2 Laser Marking Machine Kiss Cutting Common Problems & Solutions

High power CO2 laser marking machine kiss cutting reflective engraved film or heat transfer film(HTV), is a relatively common application.
Many to the sports brand OEM factories, mass production of clothing and shoe LOGO, are to use CO2 marking machine to do kiss cutting work
The cutting effect is unstable, engraved impermeable is often encountered problems, this article shares kiss cut common troubleshooting methods.

Problem: Cutting small graphics do not close


  1. check whether the vector graphics do not close
  2. software to properly adjust the light open delay, light close delay, jump delay, and laser frequency of these parameters, through testing continuous adjustment to achieve the best parameters

Problems: A full version of the graphics, there are often part of the cut complete, part of the cutting graphics did not cut through


  1. laser light instability, check the motherboard or water cooling is normal.
  2. check whether there is a lot of smoke blocking the beam of the oscillator, resulting in a part of the laser half-cutting effect is sometimes good and bad, the appropriate increase in smoking devices to reduce smoke
  3. work platform or mirror level is not well adjusted, use the level meter to readjust the level

In addition to the above problems, the laser kiss cut impermeable or unstable may also have the following fault points, need to be investigated and solved one by one

  1. the correct working distance of the mirror, but the laser focal length is not on the material surface, according to the manufacturer’s focal length reference value to adjust the focal length
  2. marking machine optical path bias, the need to readjust the optical path
  3. optical system lens has dust or coating layers off, clean, and wipe.