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How to focus a fiber laser marking machine?

In terms of focusing, usually there are three different types of marking machines, basic models, dual red light focus and auto focus.

Many customers have asked us before, what is the focal length of this field lens and What is the that focal length? I have also seen the introduction of the some field lens.

In fact, the focal length value is not practical for marking machine user. Because it is calculated from the center of the lens. It is impossible to accurately measure this distance during use.

Well , How to confirm the focus?

This artical will tell you how to find the correct focal length for different types of machines.

How to focus a basic fiber laser marking machine?

For basic machines, there are two methods

1. how to find the currect focus length of Basic model with focal mark

Humma’s new machine will mark the position of the correct focal length with a pointer. This focal length is calculated based on the working platform. It is suitable for marking items that are thin like paper and have almost no height.

focus mark of humma laser marking machine

If the item has a height, first we measure the length of the lens like the video, and record this value. Assuming the value is A, no matter what kind of object is engraved, take this value A as the standard, and adjust the height of the Z axis, to make the distance between item surface and  lens is the value A, which is the correct focal length. This applies to almost all flat surfaces.

2. how to measure the focus length of Basic model without focal mark?

There are still some machines whose marks are missing, so how do we measure them?

We need to use this kind of metal sheet, place the sheet on the surface of object, choose continue in software, and start marking, turning handle move the z-axis, when the sound of marking is the loudest, and the marking is the clearest, that is basically the focal length. This method Suitable for 1064nm wavelength fiber laser marking machine and 355nmUV laser marking machine.

How to focus a dual red light fiber laser marking machine?

For the machine equipped with dual red light positioning, it is very simple to find the focal length.

You only need to raise and lower the Z axis and let the two or three red light points into one.

This method also has disadvantages. If the red light is loose or has been moved, you need to adjust the direction of the red light by yourself. After finding the focal length with the metal sheet, adjust the red light to the state where the light spots are in one.

Chick this artical to check how to replace the red light of fiber laser marking machine:

How to focus a autofocus fiber laser marking machine?

The simplest is autofocus, this system allows the lens to find the focus automatically. Of course, this method also requires additional configuration. The price is different from the basic machine.

There are two types of autofocus, coaxial and off-axis, there is also a little difference in the focusing method

1. Coaxial auto focus how to focus?

we only need to place the item under the lens, press the auto button, the machine will automatically rise and fall, find the accurate focal length, and then you can start engraving.

coaxial auto focus fiber laser marking machine

2. How to find the currect focus length of off axis auto focus fiber laser marking machine?

Off-axis auto focus, you need to put the item under the focusing system, press the auto button, the machine will automatically lift and find the focal length, we move the object under the lens to carry out the engraving work.

Do you understand the above methods? also can check the video:

If you want to know more about marking machines, please @humma laser, contact us for consultation.

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