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Laser marking machine QR code traceability marking case and industry application

Laser marking machine QR code traceability marking case and industry application

A QR Code introduced in 1994, it is a two-dimensional barcode which is a machine-readable optical label.  It can store the information about the product to which it is attached.

QR codes are one of the easiest ways of providing information to customers and other individuals, allowing them to extract valuable data with just scanning them with the help of an optical reader.

QR codes are widely used in many industries, such as advertising, information technology, personalized customization, manufacturing, construction, and many others.

Today, QR codes aren’t limited to sharing information, but they can do much more. From promoting business products to mobile payments, QR codes are changing our life.

How to show the QR codes more distinct and easier on different materials?

Good question.

In the past, inkjet printers, thermal, and thermal transfer printing methods were standard, but it has become difficult. These ways can no longer print many materials.

The emergence of laser marking machines has created a more reliable experience and more possibilities for the use of QR code pictures.

QR Codes On Packaging

According to research, 55% of consumers would rebuy a product if they receive beautiful packaging the first time. So, it is essential to create attractive and appealing packaging on the products.

If there are too many words on the package, I think, you will not have any interest in him. How to display a large amount of information?  QR codes can help you achieve that.

Also, GMO products in the US requires to have QR codes on the products so that customers can learn more about the product and its ingredients. So, it is a common practice to include QR codes on product packaging.

The marking machine can be combined with the packaging line to quickly and accurately print the QR code on the packaging bag. This printing is not only fast and accurate but also permanent, without any loss due to high temperature, washing and other external factors.

Establish product information tracking

The QR code can quickly establish product information traceability, which means that each product can have a unique QR code.

One is external product traceability, and the other one is internal quality management traceability.

  1. Traceability of external product laser marking machine

The key to external product traceability is to facilitate customers to scan the QR code to find out the authenticity of the goods, know the origin of the goods, and the date of delivery.

Now, laser-engraved QR code is widely used in manufacturing industries, such as food, diagnosis and treatment, and industrial production.

HUMMA QR code laser marking system focuses on the traceability of the entire industry chain, with the overall goal of establishing one product and one code, and conducts full-line supervision of products. The application of laser marking is low-cost, and control software is easy to change info to QR code directly, the information content communication is convenient, read and the rate is high, and the laser code is eternal.

  1. Internal quality traceability

Internal quality traceability can trace information content such as manufacturing batch numbers, distributors, production and processing steps, and non-conformance rates, and only use a laser engraving machine to mark the goods in and out of the warehouse.

If there is a problem with which batch of goods and which distributor delivers, you can know the details simply and clearly.

After production and processing into finished products, the products will be laser marked again to identify the only batch number, anti-counterfeiting, and timeless two-dimensional code pictures, and then count them into the database, which is closely integrated with the external traceability system.

laser engraving machine, laser cutting machineThe traditional marking machine has a low level of automation technology, high efficiency and low efficiency. However, using laser marking can quickly create one object and one code.

You know, time is money.

Establish product information tracking

The market demand for smartphones is under high pressure. Whether you are an iPhone, Huawei, Gionee or Xiaomi phone, you can’t guarantee the quality of each phone. They may be the next one to fall.

Therefore, every smartphone manufacturer strictly controls the quality of the products. From electronic components to mobile phone cases, and uses laser marking machines to mark them with QR code to establish product quality traceability.

Laser marking belongs to non-contact production and processing. It is not easy to cause other hazards to parts in the entire production process. There are no consumables, such as printing inks. It is not easy to create all organic waste gas and sewage to prevent environmental pollution.

QR Codes For Cashless Payments

“I used to take a bag when I went out, with a wallet in the bag, and a pile of cards in the wallet. In addition, coins and banknotes were all necessary. Now I can do everything with a mobile phone.”

Cashless payment are very popular in many retail stores. Walmart was amongst the first to use QR code for cashless payments.  In China, Wechat pay, Alipay already be seen everywhere.

No need to carry cash with you, no need to touch with a human when you can make payment with your smartphones. Especially in the context of the global coVID-19 pandemic. Now, we can see QR codes at almost all the retail stores, and consumers can make payments easily with the help of their smartphone. These were making our life more comfortable in a lot of ways.

Two-dimensional code pictures can store a lot of statistical data and are easy to read and credible. It has long become an indispensable stage for fully automatic product tracking. Now it is gradually being used by many store manufacturers.

laser marking machine

There are dozens of two-dimensional code image marking machines developed and manufactured by HUMMA LASER. The commodity materials that need to be marked are different, and the laser cutting equipment used is also various. Do you know which laser marking machine is suitable for you? Let us find out.

Fiber laser marking machine

It is mainly used on engraving stainless steel materials and some non-metallic materials, such as stainless steel plates, iron, copper, magnesium, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium, platinum and other metal materials and various metal oxides. It can mark a variety of high-hard aluminum alloys, compounds, electroplating processes, crystal plating, ABS, epoxy resin, printing inks, rubber products, etc.

Co2 laser marking machine

Suitable for most non-metallic materials, such as plastic parts, wood, glass, bamboo products, vulcanized rubber, leather products, clothing accessories, porcelain, acrylic sheets, etc.

UV laser coding machine:

It is mainly used on the high-end sales market of ultra-fine production and processing of metal and non-metal materials, such as food packaging bags, packaging bottles, pharmaceutical industry, precision processing industry, glass, metal materials, plastics, etc.

From the above information, the type of product can be determined. The model and laser power are according to the customer’s requirements, also depends on the engraving information, such as engraving rate, material, engraving depth, whether it is used production line, etc.

Do you have more ideas about laser application? 

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