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New K40 laser engraver

How is New K40 portable laser engraver?

Today I want to show you our new portable laser engraver, It is an upgrade of the traditional K40 engraver, as we know, K40 is a very old model of small laser engraver. Now we have new upgrade one. more practical and safer.

This laser engraver model is 3020, laser power forty watts, Working area is 30cm × 20cm

K40 Humma 3020 Laser engraver

Humma K40 3020 laser engraver limite swicth showThis is our new design machine, The plotter is very difference as K40 engraver.

The guide rail use 12 mm stainless steel linear guide rail, Compared with the traditional aluminum guide, the stainless steel guide is more durable and less prone to bending and deformation.

And the limit switch, has upgrade to photoelectric limit switch, It is more accurate than mechanical limit switches.

Humma K40 3020 laser engraver details showThe laser head, we use golden industry laser head, Compared with the traditional laser head , the sealing is better, which can makes the dustproof function more excellent.  Equipped with blowing flame retardant system, can prevents flammable materials from catching fire when cutting, can also blow away the dust and protect the lens during work.

New manual up and down table, can easily make the platform lifting, this function allows us to engraving thicker materials, The material can be up to 2cm thick.

This motor of this engraver, we use quality 42 stepper motor, the fastest engraving speed can reach to 500mm/s. the fastest cutting speed can reach to 30mm/s.

This new machine add emergency stop switch and safety lock , emergency stop switch can quickly stop the machine in special cases, actually, most of our machine has this switch. And the safety lock we also call it children safety lock. When we are not using the machine, lock the machine, unplug the machine, Can prevent children from opening the machine by mistake.

The new control panel, in addition to the laser switch and the test switch, adds more adjustment buttons, 10% 1% or 0.1% can be adjusted, which makes the adjustment of laser power more accurate, convenient for us to control the engraving effect.

We use 40w EPL CO2 glass tube, this tube has full power and small spot, to ensure the daily use and engraving effect.

The upgraded smoke exhaust fan can quickly discharge the smoke and dust during the carving process and ensure the cleanness of the studio,

By the way, some countries do not allow outdoor emissions, you can purchase additional smoke purifiers working together with laser engraving machines.

On the back of the machine, three power outlets have been added to provide power for the water pump, air pump and exhaust fan without additional power connection.

About controller and software,we still use the classic M2 Nano mainboard, and the software is laserdraw. If you are used to designing with coreldraw software, we also have a laser output plug-in used by coreldraw, design and graphic output can be done in the same software, just so easy.

Ok, that’s today’s share,  This is new humma 3020 laser engraver, more about laser machine, please CONTACT US.

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