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Textile engraving machine market

Textile engraving machine - discreet and yet memorable!

If you are an advertising agency, or a seller of advertising equipment, I think the following will be very helpful

laser engraving fabric
laser engraving fabric

Have your advertising textiles, textile club equipment or workwear engraved with your logo or motto. With our laser especially designed for textiles, we achieve extraordinary effects on the most diverse materials. Logos on fleece or microfibre cloths get a relief-like effect by textile engraving. With other materials such as jeans or soft-shell jackets, a subtle colour contrast is created. Not all materials are suitable for textile laser engraving. If used correctly, however, this process is particularly suitable for large-area motifs.

3 serious advantages for advertising textiles

  1. cost effective & flexible

Also for large motifs and personalization with single names.

  1. discreet, unique feel

Ideal for discreet advertising due to the extraordinary negative effect caused by the creation of colour contrasts. Surprising haptic effects due to the surface inscription with the laser.

  1. high quality & durable

High-quality surface finishing of textiles quickly realizable & permanently durable.

Fields of application

Workwear, textile gastro equipment, club equipment for sports, music or non-profit associations, Use laser engraving machine, your company presentation to customers or simply advertising textiles as employee or customer gifts. You can also engrave textile products with logos or writing for fan shops of clubs and brands.

If you are a Equipment dealer, this is undoubtedly a very good business idea.

laser engraving jeans
laser engraving fabric

How does textile engraving machine actually work?

By means of a laser beam a part of the colour of the fabric is burnt and a motif is created, similar to a negative effect. This ingenious technique allows a discreet and permanent personalization of textiles and gives style to the advertising textile.

What is the maximum size of the textile engraving?

Our textile laser engraver machine has different types

Pro1610 laser engraver has big area reach to 160cm x100cm, can engraving large area fabric,

High speed co2 laser engraver can engrave motifs up to a maximum size of 60 cm x 60 cm.

Protable co2 laser engraver can engraving area 30 cm x 30 cm

laser marking machine

Which textile materials are suitable for laser engraving?

Materials with man-made fibres are particularly suitable for branding advertising textiles. When engraving textiles on pure cotton fibres, the engraved logo may fade after several washing cycles. We therefore recommend using high-pile fabrics made of mixed fibres or pure synthetic fibres. No other marking method is as flexible and adaptable as laser engraving.

We have tested these textile fibres for you – they are the basis for a successful laser engraving:

  • Felt made of mixed or synthetic fibres (felt hat, felt slippers, traditional costume anchors made of felt, key rings with felt band)
  • Fleece (fleece jacket, fleece sweater, fleece scarf, fleece gloves, fleece blanket, fleece hood, fleece headband, fleece shoes for indoor use)
  • Softshell (softshell jacket, softshell trousers, softshell gloves, softshell cap)
  • Microfibre from mixed or synthetic fibres (microfibre cleaning cloths)
  • Jeans fabric made of mixed fibres (jeans trousers, jeans jacket, jeans cap, jeans bag)

Is textile laser engraver also applicable to leather?

Yes – almost all types of leather can be engraved with the laser. However, we generally recommend having a sample made to check the feasibility of the engraving on the individual leather product.

In general, both artificial leather and natural leather can be laser marked. For example, we have already successfully test engraved the following leather products:

  • Leather jackets
  • Leather business card cases
  • leather bags
  • Leather writing cases
  • Leather wallets
  • Leather sleeves for Smartphones
  • Leather belts

Optically, the leather engravings stand out differently – this depends on the colour tanning of the leather.

Did you find the ideas of making money, come on!

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