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Using tips and tricks of laser engraving and cutting machine

If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. The realization of a good laser idea is inseparable from laser processing technology. Mastering the correct laser processing methods and skills can make the production of laser works more effective and create exquisite effects.

1. Make daily preparations

The effect of laser works is closely related to the preparation before processing, and its meaning is to make the laser process the material in the best state and the most suitable distance, so as to achieve a better processing effect.

Clean the focusing lens regularly

The function of the focusing lens is to provide a smaller spot, make the laser energy more concentrated, and ultimately make the effect of laser cutting and engraving more refined.

Since the focusing lens is a consumable product, it needs more maintenance. After a long time or multiple processing and use, the laser head needs to be cleaned.

Make sure the material is flat

acrylic laser engraving and cutting

The flatness of the material will also affect the processing effect. The uneven material will cause the focal length to be inconsistent.

Therefore, under the same cutting parameters, some parts of the material will not be cut through, which will affect the processing effect and cause waste of materials.

So, it is necessary to choose smooth and flat materials during processing.

Adjust the appropriate focal length

When the laser beam touches the material, the smaller the spot, the better the effect.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the most suitable distance between the processed material and the laser head is maintained before processing.

The focus can be adjusted accurately by using a focusing ruler.

2. Master more processing skills

While making preparations, we can use corresponding auxiliary tools and certain operating skills to create laser works with excellent effects for different processing needs.

— Processing and application of air compressor

When cutting thick materials (>10mm), high power and slow speed are generally used for processing.

The material absorbs very high heat per unit time. Therefore, when cutting such materials, a high-pressure air compressor is required, in addition to rapid cooling.

In addition to avoiding burning of the material, its strong air pressure can also take away the smoke generated during cutting and reduce the carbonization of the surface of the material and the cutting edge.

— Processing application of blowing setting

Generally speaking, the air blowing setting is to prevent the material from burning during processing. Then, under the condition that the material will not burn, by adjusting the amount of air blowing, different processing effects can be brought about when processing different materials.

When engraving wood, the setting does not blow air, the engraving effect is the best, and the surface of the workpiece is clean and clear.

When cutting acrylic materials, adjust  to weak blowing or no blowing, and the cutting edge is smooth and flat. Choose strong blowing, the cut surface will be white, and the cutting edge will have a frosted texture.

— Processing application of  honeycomb platform

The honeycomb working platform is composed of many “honeycomb-shaped” small holes.

This structure allows the laser beam to better penetrate the processing material, improve work efficiency, and enhance the cutting effect.

Smoke and dust can also be directly discharged from the bottom to reduce The impact of dust or smoke from cutting on material processing.

The honeycomb working platform is conducive to the processing of thinner materials such as leather, cloth, and paper. With the help of powerful ventilation and powerful magnets and other auxiliary means, the processing materials can be placed on the working platform evenly, making the processing easier.

Therefore, before processing, it is necessary to keep the honeycomb platform tidy and clean up the fine scraps left on the platform. It is more convenient to use tools such as a vacuum cleaner.

— Machining application of the blade platform

When using the honeycomb platform to process, it is often found that the back of the material will be reflected to yellow traces, then using the knife strip platform can reduce the reflection on the back and create a clean and beautiful overall effect.

The density of the blade platform can be adjusted according to the size of the workpiece. The workpiece is suspended in a large area during processing, which greatly reduces the influence of laser reflection and achieves the best cutting effect.

The blade platform is recommended for the following processing conditions:

  • When processing thicker materials, such as 10mm wood boards, high power and slow speed processing are required for high-thickness materials. The use of honeycomb board platforms is prone to serious reflections, which will cause the bottom of the parts to become yellow and affect the appearance. Use a blade platform can reduce reflections.
  • When processing works with a bending structure, since the bending structure consists of multiple dense line segments, processing on the blade platform can reduce the reflection on the back of the material and achieve better results.

5. Processing application of lifting platform

The lifting platform is also widely used in processing. By operating the up and down button, the rotation of the Z-axis motor is controlled, thereby driving the up and down movement of the working platform.

In the following situations, the lifting platform can be used to achieve the processing effect:

  • When processing large wooden boxes and other large objects, the lifting platform can be used to adjust to the appropriate processing position; at the same time, with the fixed fruit mold, it can also process large vegetables and fruits, such as large watermelons, large pumpkins, etc. The surface is engraved with graphics and text, with excellent results and full of creativity.
  • By flexibly using the lifting platform to adjust the focal length, more creative laser works can be produced. For example, for defocusing line drawing, by lowering the lifting platform and setting a larger focal length, the focal length becomes larger, the spot becomes thicker, and the line drawing effect will be deeper and thicker to create different processing effects.

— Processing application of rotating shaft

When you need to process cylindrical objects such as glass cups, mugs or bamboo tubes, you can use rotating shaft tools for processing.

Its working principle is to fix a cylindrical object on a rotating shaft, and rotate the animal body through the rotating shaft, and the laser head performs laser processing on the surface of the rotating object.

Because the rotating shaft has a certain height, it needs to be used with the lifting platform when processing, and the processing platform needs to be lowered appropriately.

— Processing and application of fixed mold

When processing flat materials, a strong magnet is generally used to adsorb the materials on the platform. Then when processing objects that are difficult to fix, you can use the following methods to fix them for processing.

According to the characteristics of the object, a laser cutting machine is used to make a fixed mold so that it can be stably fixed in it for easy processing.

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