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What is the distinction between UV laser and Q-swithced fiber laser?

What is the distinction between UV laser and Q-swithced fiber laser?

What is the distinction between UV laser inscription and Q-swithced fiber laser?

These 2 devices can engrave lots of materials, plastics, leather, others and metals. What is the primary difference and why is one innovation much more costly than the other? In this blog site we will describe what is the distinction between these two innovations and what are their main usages.

Look at the photos below
Both makers can look the exact same



The physical structure of these machines may look similar or the very same, but the innovation utilized by these machines inside is various. The Q-switched fiber laser uses a very different laser source than the UV laser, another distinction is that the UV laser has two types cooling way, water cooled and air cooled, while the fiber laser is only air cooled.

These machines are designed for different product engraving services.

Fiber laser inscribing device is generally utilized for metal engraving and supplies services for metal marking industries. This device can emerge mark and sculpt or etch, with depth on the metals. On the other hand, the UV laser is created to be a practical solution for marking plastics and glass: the UV laser machine can engrave a wide range of products, from metals to paper. What can I inscribe with a UV maker? Please refer to the list of materials these devices can etch and mark.

Common Applications of UV Lasers

  • Marking: some metals
  • Marking and engraving: all plastics
  • Marking: all glass
  • Marking and etching: some stones
  • Marking: paper
  • Marking and etching: leather
  • Marking: fruits
  • Marking: wood
  • Marking: ceramics
  • Marking: clothes
  • Other materilas, please contact us to get more

Common Applications of Fiber Lasers

  • Marking and engraving: all metals
  • Marking: some plastics
  • Marking: some stones
  • Marking: some skins
  • Marking: some paper
  • Marking: some garments
  • Other materilas, please contact us to get more

As we can see, the UV laser can engrave more materials than the fiber laser. The UV laser can mark on different materials, however it has less engraving and carving power on metallic products, that’s when the fiber laser machine can have a considerable advantage over the UV laser when marking, inscribing and sculpting metallic products.

What are the advantages of UV laser devices?

The primary advantage of UV laser technology is the multifunctionality and capability to engrave on various materials, consisting of non-metallic products. This technology can also use automation system such as rotary inscription, direct guide inscription, conveyor inscription system and video camera capture system. also the UV laser marking machine has an unmatched advantage in fine marking and will not heat or melt the material.

What is the downside of UV laser machines?

Among the drawbacks of UV laser innovation is weak engraving on metals. The fiber laser engraving device will be a better choice if you are looking for a maker that can inscribe and sculpt metals with depth.

What are the advantages of Fiber laser devices?

Simply put, the main advantage of the fiber laser inscribing device is its ability to inscribe, mark and sculpt at high speed and with depth on metal materials. The fiber laser can likewise mark different non-metallic materials, but the outcome of engraving on these products will not be done as well as with a UV laser device. These are extra points for fiber laser devices, the ability to work perfectly on metals and some non-metallic products.

What is the drawback of fiber laser devices?

The drawback of this device comes when we want to engrave non-metallic products. We can not etch or mark various materials that UV can engrave, such as wood, glass, transparent plastic products, paper, or transparent things in general. This maker can inscribe ABS and PLA, both of which are extremely typical plastics in various products, however the engraving on these plastic materials has 5-10% melting point when we use the fiber laser machine, which suggests that when you touch with your fingers, you can feel the surface area of the etching simply by touching it. This is something that will never happen with UV laser inscription.

After reading this article, I think you will have a good understanding of UV and fiber optic marking machines and will be able to make a very quick choice based on your needs!

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