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Mainly use skills of cutting and engraving leather

This article provide some recommendations, mainly on cutting and engraving leather

It will help laser cutting machine users, so they can better master the use of skills.

Leather laser cutting machine is mainly used in:

  • shoe upper engraving,
  • handbag punching carving,
  • leather gloves cutting,
  • luggage cutting hollowing
  • other industry processes.

Commonly used in laser cutting of leather are:

  • genuine leather
  • microfiber
  • PU leather
  • PVC leather
  • Other leather

1. what is the difference in the effect of laser cutting different leather?

Leather mainly has 2 types–Genuine leather and other leather.

If use same power laser cutting machine, to cut these 2 types of leather. what is the difference?

First: In the same thickness, genuine leather laser cutting speed will be slower than other leather.

Second: Genuine leather, the formation of the incision oxidation layer blackened

Third: the surface of  genuine leather is also easy to blacken after cutting. (use the air compressor to increase the blowing can basically avoid the surface blackening)


the leather laser cutting will have a smell, similar to the smell of burnt hair.

Ventilation after a period of time, the smell will reduce some.

2. how to solve the problem of blackened leather laser cutting edge?

When laser cutting leather, the edge will be a little black, it is a pity, there is no good solution for now.

Because laser cutting is a thermal processing, leather material contains protein, heat oxidation will blacken, there is no way to avoid it for the time being.

3. How fast is the leather laser cutting machine?

Leather laser cutting speed needs to be set according to the size of the pattern

Small figure, small hole cutting speed is slower than the large pattern,

—the larger pattern 60-100mm / s.

—Small pattern speed to be combined with the laser power, leather, leather thickness and the actual product grade requirements, cutting speed 8-50 mm per second ranging.

4. Can the laser cutting machine engrave leather?

In addition to cutting, of course, the cutting machine can do laser engraving work on the surface of the leather.

For example, engraved LOGO, engraved letters and so on are no problem.

Tips of laser engraving leather:

  • Leather surface generally have paint coating, in the process of engraving, laser and coating will occur in the carbonization reaction caused by surface discoloration, after engraving can try to wipe with an eraser, so you can reveal the original color of leather.
  • leather wet water and then laser engraving, not easy to discoloration, engraving speed set at 300mm / s or so
  • If you want to carve fine, you can use a 60-watt or 80-watt laser tube.
  • More tips of laser engraving on leather, please check this artical below:

Of course, the engraving efficiency of the cutting machine is much lower than the laser marking machine, if a large number of engraving, we recommend the use of laser marking machine.

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