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What’s the common problems of engraving double layer plastic sheet?

double layer plastic sheet laser engraving

Many customers and friends who do graphic advertising need to use double layer plastic sheet(2 layer acrylic sheet), and in the process of buying and using laser engraving machine, many people will encounter some problems, so this article will introduce: 

  • Laser engraving machine selection
  • Two-color plate engraving FAQ

How to choose suitable machine for Laser engraving double layer plastic sheet?

1. power

Dichroic plate general thickness within 2-3mm, the power with 80 watts.

2. Area

If it is specifically with two-color plate engraving with 60X40cm or 90X60cm engraving range of models are more.

Of course, if you are doing advertising, need acrylic cutting or some other plate processing, you can choose 1390 models also (1300X900mm working area).

The smaller the machine, the the jitter will smaller , however, some manufacturers of machines with bad accessories, even if the small machine enrgaving effect may not be good enough.

3. Focus mirror

Choose 50.8mm focal length of the focusing lens, the spot is relatively fine.

Double color sheet laser engraving machine common problems.

Problem 1: poor engraving effect, the font all paste into a ball.


Most is because of the plate material itself, will affect the laser engraving effect, it is recommended to use laser cutting double color plastic plate

Problem 2: Engraving serrations large


① Machine jitter, the speed is too fast, combined with the machine’s own characteristics to set the carving speed, 200-400mm / s or so.

② Belt, pulley wear

③ Light instability, check the laser power supply or laser tube

3. engraving ghosting


① Focus mirror lens is loose

② Laser optical path offset

③ Belt loosening

4. carving surface font white dusty


 Blowing on too large, the use of regulating valve (part of the model does not contain) to reduce the blowing, but can not turn off the blowing, turn off easy to burn the lens, or cutting when the fire caused by safety hazards.

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