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The 7 reasons of Laser tube inner tube rupture and water on to.

Laser tube is an important part of the laser engraving machine and cutting machine, if it has problems, will directly lead to the machine can not be used

The most common problem is the laser inner tube rupture, and this situation is not given warranty, so in the use of the machine, you need to pay attention to protection, humma’s technical staff summed up the 7 most likely causes of laser tube rupture, hope can help the laser machine users.

  1. The inlet and outlet water connection is reversed
  2. Laser tube power, but the water cooler or pump cooling capacity can not keep up with the laser tube heat dissipation, resulting in abnormal water temperature
  3. Laser tube installation did not evacuate the bubble
  4. Water break protection system failure
  5. The water pipe folded flow rate is too small
  6. More impurities in the water, resulting in water protection system is blocked by impurities such as scale, resulting in the flow of water is too small
  7. Water with too low temperature, was injected at a high room temperature.

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