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Why laser engraving uneven?

Laser engraving common applications are rubber board engraving, wood board engraving, EVA sponge version engraving, etc.

And when the laser deep engraving, the bottom is not flat, this is one of the common failures.

such as:

1. Depth carving with obvious protrusion phenomenon

2. An obvious unevenness at the horizontal and vertical crossings

3. There is an obvious protruding horizontal line between with and without words, the deeper the clearing, the more obvious the phenomenon.

Common reasons for such uneven engraving are as follows.

1, Processing speed is too fast, the laser tube response speed can not keep up.

2, Blowing air flow is not correct, causing processing powder adhesion, the formation of horizontal lines protruding.

3, Optical path bias or focal length is not correct, resulting in scattered beam, causing the bottom uneven.

4, Focus lens selection is not reasonable, should try to choose a short focal length lens to improve the quality of the beam.

5, The laser power supply out of the light is not stable.

The solution to the problem of engraving uneven is as follows:

1, First of all, check the light path to ensure that the light path is correct.

2, Reduce the processing speed.

3, Adjust the amount of air blowing to ensure that no powder foam sticking.

4, Choose a short focal length lens, focal length adjustment should be considered the depth of the processed.

5, replace the laser power supply test.

The above is the causes and solutions of laser engraving machine cleaning uneven, I hope it will help you!