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10 Popular Laser cutter projects in 2021

10 Popular laser cutter projects and ideas in 2020

Laser cutting has created countless wonders, beautiful, magical, products are born under the laser cutter.
Wood products have been used in countless industries due to their plasticity and ease of cutting, so what kind of projects can laser cutting actually produce, let’s take a look at 10 more popular wood cutting projects in the year 2020.


Laser Cut Architectural Models

Unlike traditional building models, the design can be imported directly into the laser software for cutting, quickly creating a rich, personalized model, which saves a lot of time and allows for the modification of small parts at any time, which is very convenient for architects.


Laser Cut Wooden Jewelry

laser cutting wooden jewelry

For the fashion conscious, jewelry is a must-have, and for those who are fashion conscious, it’s great to have a piece of jewelry that they can own quickly, and laser cut wood jewelry is becoming more and more popular.


Laser Cutting Wood Business Cards

laser cutting wood business card

Business cards aren’t just for displaying business information, they’re a reflection of a person’s or company’s taste. Many business card suppliers not only put extra thought into the design, but the material itself is also a key to winning. Wooden business cards, carved with a business message, can also be cut into unique shapes, which is a great way for fashion, design and woodworking companies to express their message.


Laser Cutting Luminaires

laser cutting wood lamp

With lighting fixtures, customization can be very difficult, and with so many fixtures on the home market that look almost identical, why not design your own custom one?


Laser Cut Wooden Painted Toys

laser cutting wooden painted toys​

Children are the most powerful consumers, the market for children’s toys is also very huge, coloring is a game that children love, whether it is held for children’s day activities, or playground souvenirs, a special coloring toy is very popular, especially the customizable coloring board with a commemorative logo or company cartoon image is a special kind of coloring board.


Laser Cutting Wood Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a very old game, and customizable words are a great way to make this traditional game more colorful!


Laser Cut Keychains

Wooden keychains can stand out among the many styles, in addition to the texture of the material itself, plasticity is also a great advantage, whether it is a shape or pattern, can be created as you wish, and this creation only needs a laser cutting machine!


Laser Cut Wooden Clocks

Wooden clocks are already a fashion statement in the home, the functionality has been weakened and more emphasis has been placed on design and decoration, and to create them with cutting is to enhance these functions even more and turn him into a stylish wall decoration!


Laser Cutting Photo Prop-baby's Birthday Card

laser cutting Baby Months milestone card

Birthday tags appear more as a prop in baby memorial photo shoots to make the photos more intimate, each baby’s name and birthday is different, which means this product must be used in a custom way, and the laser is just the right fit!


Laser Cut Tissue Box

Laser cut wooden tissue box

Want to make the tissue box unique too? Wood and paper, two gentle materials that meet to make even tissue paper softer

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