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Laser engraving and cutting wood

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Wood is a perfect material for laser engraving and laser cutting. The bundled heat of the laser beam cleanly removes individual layers of the wood surface. Laser cutting of complex patterns made of wood produces exact edges and thus perfect cutting results. This allows the production of filigree cuts and engravings that are not possible with other woodworking methods such as sawing or milling. In addition, laser processing of wood does not produce any annoying chips and no post-processing is necessary.

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Laser engraving and laser cutting of wood Laser engraving of wood Wood Wood business card

Functionality for laser engraving and laser cutting of wood

When laser cutting wood, the laser beam causes a temperature rise in the kerf of the material above the sublimation temperature of wood. The resulting vaporized wood exits as smoke and dissipates the introduced heat. As a result, the surrounding material is only slightly affected by the heat. Depending on the type of wood, however, a slightly brownish discoloured cut edge is produced. The processing time also depends on the type of wood. The properties of the wood (density, resin content, etc.) therefore have a decisive influence on the result of the processing.

In laser engraving of wood, the grain of the wood plays an important role, as it has a decisive influence on the colour and depth of the engraving. An engraving on poplar or birch wood becomes relatively bright and appears very subtle due to the low contrast. Beech or oak on the other hand provide very dark engraving results. With a subsequent glaze the engraving can be emphasized even more.

In general, low-fibre woods with a relatively even grain such as beech, cherry or poplar provide very good engraving results rich in contrast. Less suitable for engraving are high-fibre and strongly grained wood types such as bamboo.


Scribing wood works similarly to engraving. Only one continuous line is burned into the wood. Scribing works similar to laser cutting, but with much less laser energy. Scribing is particularly suitable for large motifs with clear lines. How your electronic template should look like, we explain here.

Applications for laser engraving and laser cutting of wood

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As a versatile material, wood offers unimagined possibilities in combination with laser engraving and laser cutting. Sayings, names, photos or logos can be applied to wooden objects such as photo frames, breakfast boards, table tops and guitars by laser engraving. Especially impressive results can be achieved with veneered and lacquered wooden objects like our compass in a wooden box. This involves removing the top layer of varnish or veneer and exposing the layer underneath.


By means of laser cutting, product parts for toys, decorative articles, souvenirs, Christmas decorations, instruments, architectural models as well as inlays and work in handicrafts can be realized quickly, flexibly and precisely. Laser engraving and laser cutting are used to give the wood a high-quality finish.

Advantages for laser engraving and laser cutting of wood

  • fast and clean machining without chips
  • filigree and precise cuts
  • no costly post-processing such as filing, grinding, etc.
  • no acquisition costs for jigsaw, fretsaw, scroll saw, router, etc.
  • unlike milling, no expensive set-up costs

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