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Tips for using, and maintaining your laser machine safely


Generally, acrylic is very easy to cut. As a guide, set the laser output to 80% and adjust the speed so that the material is cut. When speeds are too high and “low speed striation increases”, the result should be a high quality “polished edge”.


Never leave the machine unattended while cutting or engraving, this is especially important when potentially flammable materials are being processed.


This is for your safety and the safety of people in the machine environment. In operation, these laser machines are classified as Class 1, just like a DVD-R /W or laser printer. With the safety circuits, the machine cannot operate with the lid open, the machine becomes a class 4 laser product. This means that under these conditions there is a real health risk. Do not do it!


Remove debris from the work surface, this should be done as required during the work day to prevent a waste collection from being ignited by the laser beam. Be especially careful when processing flammable materials.


Never use any type of abrasive, as this will promptly ruin the optical parts. It is very essential to ensure that mirrors and also lenses are always clean. Deposits and debris on optical surfaces could minimize the efficiency of the laser as well as create the optics to get too hot. This can lead to cracks or various other damages to the lens or mirror. Careful interest to the optics parts ensures optimal service life.


The very best remedy to use is pure alcohol such as ethanol. Acetone is one more cleaning agent yet see to it is pure), not nail polish eliminator as well as others, which have a cocktail of oils and also chemicals|chemicals as well as oils included.


Very carefully use a cotton pad soaked in the solution, rub gently to get rid of any down payments that have actually accumulated on the mirror as well as lens. Occasionally, some deposit might stick to the underside of the lens, in these situations, get rid of the lens and saturate it in pure alcohol for several mins to soften the residue. After that, once more, very carefully clean the surface area with, for example, cotton swabs.As soon as again, very carefully clean the surface area with, for example, cotton swabs.


Make sure when changing the mirror or lenses in their mounting if you require to remove them When changing the mirror or lenses in their mounting if you need to remove them, take treatment In this manner, you will certainly not be most likely to have to reset the optical alignment. Constantly examine the placement when you have completed the cleaning procedure!|When you have actually ended up the cleansing procedure, constantly examine the placement.


Take all essential preventative measures when testing as it is feasible that a person of the components may not have been appropriately reconditioned.|When screening as it is feasible that one of the components may not have been properly refurbished, take all necessary precautions This can lead to a possibly harmful circumstance.


Objective.jpgThe objective must be removed from the machine (by loosening the screw) and check for residue build-up at the beginning of each cutting session. If the lens is dirty, it should be cleaned with a clean “cotton swab” and one or two drops of cleaning fluid. This must be done carefully. Our customers receive instruction as part of their initial training. Remember that a scratched lens is useless and must be replaced.


Laser cutting accumulates residues in the normal course of laser treatment. When working with dirty materials, those that produce a lot of smoke etc., the lens gets dirty faster. When the laser is used with a dirty lens, heat is generated at the lens and destroys it.

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