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Application of marking machine in perfume industry

Application of marking machine in perfume industry

Today we are going to talk about how the perfume bottle marking machine breaks the design of the traditional perfume bottle.

Aroma is an expression of individuality, a way of invisibly reflecting taste,
For centuries, the perfume industry has always had a very good market.
Besides to the uniqueness of the fragrance, the design of the perfume bottle is the key to lastingly winning the market.

With the popularity and use of perfumes all over the world, personalized product design has become a fashion. The customization of glass products is undoubtedly an expensive expenditure.

For small-volume perfume bottles, it is not so easy to achieve, so how to reducing this expenditure and making personalization easy and unique?

Traditional hand engraving or screen printing is performed on the glass surface, The  hand engraving  is slower,  screen printing  has no uniqueness.

While UV laser marking uses non-contact processing to mark any surface, it has very high speed. usually finish work in few minutes.

Because of the particularity of the laser, the glass bottle body will not be deformed or heated to deteriorate the perfume, and the perfume bottle also will not be damaged by external forces. 

Looking at these special perfume bottles, they are just ordinary bottles in time. They are unique due to the engraving of special patterns and marks.

With the development of the laser industry, the engraving of glass products has become a fashion, which makes your perfume brand stand out on many counters, and also has collection value because it is permanent.

Different national languages, numbers, font styles, patterns are all easy to laser marking.

The laser marking process is combined with CNC system, after drawing on the computer, laser marking machine can mark the words or patterns on the bottle, showing a casual romantic mood.

The laser marking process takes shape at one time and will be completed on site. In the perfume industry, the heat wave of private custom perfume bottles has been established.

While bringing new experiences to customers, the smart marking process adds many shopping fun to customers.

Customers get an exclusive limited edition perfume bottle through laser marking. For themselves, for friends

As fast-moving consumer goods, perfumes no longer have their original value after the expiration date.The laser marking process can add added value to the perfume bottle, so the finished perfume is worth keeping for a long time.

It can even be used as decoration. Eye-catching with fragrance and design.

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