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Laser marking machine used in sensor industry

Application of Laser marking machine in sensor industry

Laser Marking Machines for Sensors
Fiber laser marking machines can laser mark a variety of sensors. Marking of product models, logos, parameters or graphics on the sensors, more complex logos and QR codes are possible.
Features: marking effect is obvious, high precision engraving. small line width, can reach 0.04mm, can meet the needs of engraving large amounts of data on a very small workpiece.
Fiber laser marking is made by direct instantaneous high temperature vaporization of the laser on the surface of the object. It can be identified by the naked eye without any auxiliary tools, which facilitates the identification of the consumer.
The product itself is not damaged during the laser engraving process. Also it has no problems such as fried borders, cracks, etc. during the marking process. The text has flush edges with little depth perception.
Sensor measurement is an important means of data collection. It is indispensable for industrial production and domestic life. It has a wide range of applications and excellent performance.
With the rapid development of automated equipment and automated control systems, sensors used as sensory “components” of electronic equipment have been used in mechanical, medical, household appliance, manufacturing and processing fields. It is used in microphones, food inspection, medical inspection, automobiles, digital cameras and other products.
The laser marking machine is powerful and provides high quality marking. It is a powerful tool in processing and has advantages that cannot be ignored.
With the continuous improvement and development of technicians, laser marking machines are becoming more and more powerful. Not only do they show many advantages, such as marking speed and marking quality, but they can also mark curved surfaces.
The process is carried out with a mechanical “lightsaber”. It can print marks on any regular or irregular surface. Some uneven sensors can also be marked easily. The markings are clear, not susceptible to wear and corrosion and can be maintained over a long period of time. The model identification and anti-counterfeiting effect is great. It also promotes the brand and increases visibility.
Choosing a laser marking machine for the marking process is an important advancement in the sensor processing industry.

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