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Laser marking electronic components

Laser marking electronic components

Laser marking has many amazing applications in various fields and industries, but one of the most common and useful is the laser marking of electronics.

The continuous progress of the world’s technology industries has brought with it a constant increase in demand for the various systems that are used for marking. Let’s see how the use of laser technology helps your company with its electronic laser marking needs.

Laser marking of electronics mainly specializes in laser fiber optic systems, making laser marking of electronic components ideal due to the very high system versatility.

Our electronics marker can mark the following materials that are used in electronics production:

  • ABS plastics
  • Glass-filled plastics
  • Polythene plastics
  • Various additional plastics
  • Carbides
  • PCD
  • Various synthetic materials
  • Aluminium
  • Anodized aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Titan
  • Nickel-plated materials
  • Galvanised materials
  • Black oxide – Oxide
  • Painted materials
  • Various coated materials

Electronic marking as shown by the above mentioned materials, for which the laser is used, has a great variety of solutions, accompanied by a very wide range of lasers we offer, which have the highest technology.

Our company provides laser marking systems which will find their application in every industry. The products have different sizes, maneuverability, workspace configurations and other very useful functions. All possible solutions can be found by visiting our website with equipment offers.

Electronic application

For companies whose environment is electronic and those whose job is to laser mark electronic components, it is important to know that lasers are used in many different ways. Products that use laser marking are:

  • Sports bracelet
  • Mechanical watches
  • Mobile phones and smartphones
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Power bank
  • Laptops
  • Tablet PCs
  • Circuit boards / PCBs
  • IC Chips
  • Silicon wafers
  • Moulded plastic housings
  • Automatic switches
  • Semiconductor parts
  • Product bins

↑ For these products, laser systems provide:

  • Very good quality identification information, which is necessary to operate certificates, product specifications, barcodes, alphanumeric and 2D codes
  • Ablation of copper and other materials
  • Capton ablation and removal
  • Possibility of marking information on small elements
  • Traceability of essential equipment
  • Durable, solder-resistant, machine-readable markings
  • Stylish company and product logo
  • Trimming of resistance
  • Assistance in quality assurance and trademark protection
  • Accelerated production time and increased productivity
laser marking machine

Advantage of laser marking

Laser marking systems have the advantage of creating clear characters that create contrast, but without causing the electrical interference that could result from the exposure of copper elements.

The cost, efficiency and performance and precision of the lasers used prove that this method is much better than its outdated options such as pad printing, embossing, chemical etching and screen printing.


In addition to all the applications listed here, the electronic laser industry is very successful and will pay off with great opportunities for the future.

- Data Crystal Storage -

This is an application that enables the appearance of data memory. The use of lasers allowed to place whole copies of books and important documents on glass coin size discs. It is estimated that they will last for 13.8 billion years.

- Super hydrophobic surfaces -

Scientists have discovered a way to create surfaces by using a laser. These are ideal products that serve as electronic components and will be a major part of smartphone construction in the future.

Applications are constantly evolving, so keep up to date with the information on Humma Laser

If you are interested in using our systems, please contact our company. Humma Laser is the best thing that can happen to you, as evidenced by hundreds of satisfied customers and companies.

Welcome to explore more possibilities with us ⇓

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