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The basic advantage of laser marking

The basic advantage of laser marking

laser marking machine
The laser marking machine is under computer control, the workpiece and the laser beam move relative to each other, and the laser beam ablates the required symbols and patterns on the surface of the workpiece.
With the development, laser marking technology has become an effective marking processing method. It has been more and more widely used in all walks of life. The superiority of laser marking is increasingly clearly shown in front of people.
It has the advantages of traditional methods (corrosion, EDM, mechanical scribing, printing, etc.) are difficult to compare. The basic advantage of laser marking can be summarized as follows:

1. Flexible processing method and fast development speed

Laser marking use numerical control or computer control, so as long as it is programmed on the computer, the laser marking output can be realized.
It is very easy to change the marking content.
It replace the traditional mold making process, in order to shorten the product upgrade cycle and flexible production. Provides powerful tools.
The laser marking processing method is flexible, which can not only meet the needs of laboratory-style single-piece small batch production, but also meet the requirements of industrialized large-scale, high-efficiency, and fast-paced production.

2. High processing accuracy and wide application range

Laser marking uses a laser beam as a processing method.
The laser can form a very fine beam, and can scribe very fine lines on the surface of the material
Its smallest line width can reach 0.05 mm, creating a wide space for precision processing. Laser marking can print out complex graphics, trademarks, bar codes, and two-dimensional codes.
Any graphics displayed on the fluorescent screen can be printed on the surface of the specified material.
Laser marking can also improve the appearance of products and brand-name effects.
Increase the market competitiveness of products, and have a wide adaptability to materials.
It can be used on the surface and alloys of different metals and alloys such as steel, aluminum, copper, riveting, gold, and silver.
Non-metal surfaces such as ceramics, glass, plastics, rubber, wood, etc. produce very fine marks and have very good durability.

3. Low maintenance cost and strong reliability

Laser processing is non-contact processing.
It is not limited by the fatigue life of the usual mold marking, and the maintenance cost in batch processing is extremely low.
Because there is no processing force between the workpiece and the workpiece, the processed material is not deformed, and the damage is small.
The mark formed by laser marking is clear, long-lasting and indelible. This has become the obvious advantage of laser technology that distinguishes it from other processing methods.
The original accuracy of the workpiece is guaranteed, and it can be used as the last process of production, eliminating the need for finishing after marking.
laser processing has a small heat-affected zone, and the workpiece is basically not deformed during heat treatment, cutting, and welding.
This feature It has also been successfully used in local heat treatment and the welding of picture tubes.

4. The processed products are fine, beautiful and have high aesthetic value

The laser marking machine can form three-dimensional calligraphy and painting on various metal and non-metal surfaces. The laser-engraved characters have correct and neat fonts, smooth lines and elegant fonts.
The engraved pattern is not distorted, can maintain the original creative style and the original charm of the graphic, and can pass through light-transmitting materials (such as quartz, glass) to process its internal parts. Laser-marked products are beautiful, generous and have good visual effects.

5. Good anti-counterfeiting performance

The imitation and modification of the marks made by laser marking technology are very difficult and have a good anti-counterfeiting effect to a certain extent.
The laser marking system can also install a single product series number for mass-produced workpieces, and then mark the product with a barcode or a two-dimensional code array.
which can extremely effectively help implement production process control, quality control and prevent counterfeit products.

6. Good social benefits

Laser marking is non-contact marking, which saves energy. Compared with chemical corrosion method, there is no pollution source and no pollution to the environment. Compared with mechanical marking, there is no noise. It is a high-tech “green” processing that is worthy of praise. means.
This is especially important today when we pay more and more attention to environmental protection, and it is the best alternative to traditional marking methods.

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