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Why laser engraver cutter so popular


How to build an efficient production or service space? These are the tools available in every company, they attract customers, and the more customers your company has, the more profitable it will be. Potential clients are seeking accessibility to machines they can not have directly,

whether for space or cash, and also the even more versatile and also special equipments you have, the better. The answer to this is a laser engraver or laser plotter.

In many companies lasers, engravers, plotters have full occupancy and in order to use them you have to subscribe to the queue list. Each department has something to do. Some of them have to engrave something, others have to cut in plastic, and still others have to do the stamp in an hour – this situation makes the laser the most popular device in their service and advertising company.

acrylic cutting
acrylic cutting

“We have two humma cutting engraving lasers, Pro 4060 and a fiber laser engraver F30W. They have a 12-hour occupancy price – even more than any type of other machine, also 3D printers,

plotter cutters aren’t so inhabiting. They are fast, relatively easy to make use of as well as can quickly bring any type of project to life.

                                                                  —— Fabrical advertising company

One of the most common questions that every owner of a service or production company faces is where to invest – in CNC machines, 3D printers or lasers. While in an ideal world you would have an unlimited budget and could get any “toys” there, but in the real world, budgets is the biggest problem, it limit these choices. While these companies use high-tech tools and equipment, for the most part we hear that laser is one of the – if not the most popular – tools in the company. why a laser engraver cutter may be more desirable?  There are few reasons


Laser cutters are incredibly fast. as a matter of fact, relying on the size of the project, a prototype can be cut out with a laser in an issue of mins. Include engraving to your job in just a few even more mins.

Ease of use

Laser training is very friendly and easy, the operation of the engraver is as easy as printing on paper and printer. You can use most graphic design software to design your work and send it to the laser. The training is conducted by experienced installers and ends with the qualification of a certified laser plotter or laser engraver operator.

Versatility of materials

The laser works with various materials – wood, acrylic, fabric, cork, rubber, leather, cardboard and many others. Users can engrave and cut. Our devices can easily handle coated metals and cone stamps.

Winning new customers and opening to new markets.

If you are a manufacturer or service company that wants to increase the number of customers or enter new markets, laser is the way to go. If you have designs and designs ready, all you have to do is put the material into the laser chamber, close the safe cover and press the “Start” button. You, your employees and customers will be delighted with how precise and fast the laser you have installed.

Which types are the most popular in advertising company ?

fiber marking machine projectMetal engraving machine is mainly used for company souvenirs, promotional gifts logo customization, it can marking logo, text, graphics, etc on metal, oxidized or sprayed surface, plastic products such as pen, dogtag, U-disk, powerbank, phone case, and so on

And unlike traditional printing, this laser marking is permanent, which is the best choice for advertising gifts customization.

Metal engraver

acrylic cutting

Acrylic is the most commonly used material in the advertising industry, many store signs, door signs, the company’s image wall, Table CARDS, souvenir trophies all use this material, and laser cutting is the best way for acrylic cut, in addition to wood is also a commonly used material, and laser can also handle this, whether cutting or engraving, can be completed on a machine at the same time.

Wood and acrylic laser cutter

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