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Fiber laser marking machine main features

Performance features and application fields of fiber laser marking machine

In recent years, laser marking technology has been used in various industries.

Why the fiber laser engraver is so popular?

Fiber laser engraver is suitable for lots of materials, including hard plastics, silver, gold, copper and other metal materials, silicon chips, etc. Fiber laser machines are simple and easy to use, it has the following features:

  • Long time:

After the logo is not easy to disappear, it is almost forever, due to the natural environment (touch, acid and alkaline gas, high temperature)

  • Anti-counterfeiting identification:

It is not easy to copy and change, and has strong anti-counterfeiting identification

  • Non-contact:

The fiber laser marking machine is working with a non-mechanical “light knife”, it can print logos on all standard or curved surfaces

The steel parts do not become hot after laser engraving, ensuring the original of the steel parts precision.

It does no erosion on the working surface, there is no “CNC blade” damage, health promotion, and environmental friendliness. This is a clean and friendly high environmental protection production and processing technology.

  • Widely used:

Using a fiber laser can produce and process a variety of metal materials and non-metal materials.

What kind of patterns can make by the optical fiber marking machine?

Able to receive files in various formats, BMP/JPG/DXF/ PLT/AI Support to generate various serial numbers, production Databar code, QR code,

The single character size ranges from um to mm, this makes anti-counterfeiting very easy The beam goes through focus, then it will like a blade, remove the materials on the surface of the block point by point.

What’s the advanced nature of the laser marking machine?

Its advanced nature depends on the very high working speed, non-contact engraving.

>>>High-speed laser marking

The speed of a fiber laser engraver can reach to 7000mm/s, This is very amazing speed, it can greatly improve the work efficiency, save labor costs.

>>>Non-contact engraving

It does not have the pressure on the parts like a CNC router, so it is not easy Damage to the processed object.

Also because the size of the laser beam is very small, and the production and processing are meticulous, it has an unparalleled advantage in fine marking fields.

>>>Accurate information recognition

No matter what kind of content, as long as the design draft can be identified by the marking software, the marking machine can easy to engrave the information content on a suitable object. the laser marker is more popular than screen printing ink, ink printing, stamping die, electrical etching and other processing techniques.

So, the laser marking machine has the most important position in a numbers if industries. 


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