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How to achieve black marking of aluminum oxide with MOPA laser marking machine?

Aluminum oxide laser blackening is a typical and common application in laser marking machine processing.

Many customers say that with ordinary fiber marking machine is white or gray is not black enough, so what type of marking machine should be used? And how should the parameters be adjusted?

This article gives you an explanation of the process of blackening aluminum oxide

Why must be Mopa laser?

Many customers ask why can not use ordinary Q laser to mark black color?

The MOPA laser is more expensive than the normal Q laser, and the cost should be considered.

Because the MOPA laser pulse width and frequency adjustment range is greater, pulse width laser dwell time is short, not easy to play through the oxide layer.

Ordinary Q-modulated fiber laser to play on the gray is actually because the oxide layer has been completely destroyed.

Currently on the market, many cell phone back cover LOGO and adaptable information are used in the MOPA laser marking aluminum oxide blackening process.

So how to achieve black? Take the MOPA laser M6 commonly used in the market as an example

M6 model MOPA laser blackening efficiency is higher, can adapt to some thin oxide layer, oxidation treatment process poor materials, marking effect consistency, uniformity better

Aluminum oxide laser blackening parameters reference.

  1. laser frequency set to 600KHz, pulse width 2ns (key parameters)
  2. marking speed set to 300mm / s (according to the actual requirements of their own adjustment)
  3. Filling density setting 0.006 (according to the actual requirements of their own adjustment)