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UV laser marking machine and CO2 marking machine

UV laser marking machine and CO2 marking machine

The times are advancing, and new ultraviolet laser technology is constantly popularized and applied, but our traditional CO2 laser technology still has its place and is also constantly improving. So in different industry applications, how should we choose?
Let me talk about their respective advantages.

About UV laser marking:

Ultraviolet laser is a laser with a wavelength of 355nm. Due to its short wavelength and narrow pulse characteristics, it can produce a very small focused spot and maintain a minimum heat-affected zone, which enables it to be processed very accurately while minimizing mechanical deformation of the material. Not only can it provide extremely fine processing results, but also maintain good positioning accuracy is the advantage of UV lasers.

About CO2 laser marking:

In the 80s and 90s, CO2 laser technology has become the mainstream of laser applications at that time. CO2 laser marking has become one of the commonly used laser marking forms due to its high efficiency and beam quality. CO2 laser is a gas laser, which uses the interaction of laser energy and material to leave permanent marks on the surface of the object. It is a revolutionary alternative to traditional technologies such as inkjet, silk screen, and knife engraving. This technique can engrave exquisite designs, trademarks, dates or text on the surface of the product.

So, in the application fields that require relatively high precision, such as glass, chips, various PCB board markings, etc., the choice of UV laser is obviously more suitable than CO2 laser. Especially in various PCB material applications, UV lasers are considered a good choice. From the perspective of market performance, UV lasers seem to have suppressed CO2 lasers. According to a survey data, in 2019, many well-known UV laser manufacturers shipped more than 3,000 units, and several of them also shipped 2,000 units or more. After the explosive growth of the market in 2019, The market demand for UV lasers dropped slightly in 2020 because of the new outbreak of COVID-19. Although it is not as popular as 2020, but sales will going to explode in 2021 as the epidemic ends.

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