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Leather is an organic material that provides excellent results when processed with a CO2 laser system. Each type of leather reacts differently. That is why the textile industry, accessories manufacturers, artisans and companies dedicated to personalization and promotional gifts have laser machines for cutting and laser engraving on leather in their facilities.


As with the vast majority of natural materials, leather is an ideal material for laser engraving because of the great contrast it produces: whether you mark at high speed and low power or if you do a deep engraving, you will get a great contrast, already that leather gets very dark when the laser hits it.

In addition, leather supports high-resolution engravings, making it a valid material for engraving logos and very small texts, and high-resolution photographs.

On the other hand, compared to other materials, leather is easily cut, so you can use the laser machine to cut complex shaped pieces or add details to your finished leather products.


Laser engraving on leather has great advantages over other technologies.

  • High precision: accuracy and repeatability.
  • High speed: the laser machine can engrave quickly and without the need to change tools.
  • Contrast: the laser creates a high contrast on the leather and gives a natural look to the customization.
  • Details: Photographic etching and engraving with fine details
  • Permanent engraving: Since the laser burns the surface of the leather, a laser engraving is permanent and lasts forever.
  • Leather is used mainly in the textile industry for the manufacture of clothing and accessories, but there are also leather goods customization and promotional gift businesses that engrave finished leather products.

Pattern of:

  • clothes
  • footwear
  • handbags

Personalized engraving of:

  • clothes
  • footwear
  • wallets
  • handbags
  • upholstered
  • picture
  • patches
  • belts
  • keychains
  • sports articles
  • Photo albums
  • Manufacturing of:
  • footwear
  • bracelets and necklaces
  • headbands and earrings


  • The parameters and tricks for laser engraving leather are very similar to those for engraving wood, given the similarity of behavior that both materials have.
  • To produce high-quality images on leather, high contrast and depth are generally required. The higher the power level, the greater the contrast and depth.
  • Leather is a very easy-to-use material, and you can get beautiful details with just 300 DPI of resolution. The 600 DPI engraving resolution on leather can produce excellent results, especially in photos.
  • When you’re etched into leather, the grayscale graphics look great. The reason is that this reacts very differently to each level of gray and produces striking contrast.
  • One of our best secrets is that to provide a greater contrast to the text on the leather at the end of the raster engraving you can make a vector engraving of the outline of the characters. This will achieve a finish with a good contrast. After each job with your laser machine, do not forget to clean the leather with a damp chamois leather. You can even use mild cleaning products, but water works fine.
  • However, the main disadvantage of leather is that high speed engraving requires a lot of power. Leather can be engraved at full power, if you use a 40W laser or a 50W laser, the best strategy is to set the laser power to 40%-70%  and adjust the speed to achieve the desired depth. If use 80w 100w or 150w laser, power can be 30%-60%, of course this is a laser engraver, if you use co2 laser marking machine, the parameter will very different as a laser engraver.