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Why laser cutting machine has so many problems after using just a few days?

Why laser cutting machine just a few days with a variety of failures? Such as the body leakage, indiscriminate carving, cutting position deviation, reset chaos, etc..

Customers who have used our machines should know that the quality of our CO2 laser cutting machine is generally more stable, rarely a machine will appear so many failures at the same time. Probably because the ground wire of the machine socket is not fully grounded.

The leakage is caused by a certain potential difference between the machine and the ground after the machine and equipment shells are connected to the utility firewire for some reason. And all kinds of messy carving, cutting position deviation, reset abnormal is not grounded because of the current interference affecting the control board of the laser cutting machine.

So, how to properly grounded?

Preparation before grounding

1, The grounding device must be used 2-4 4 × 35 × 1500mm angle hit into any one of the wet places around the house, the distance between each one is 1 meter away, and then use 3 × 30mm flat iron to connect each one to lead out of the earth surface, forming a good grounding network.

2, After playing a good grounding network with a meter to measure its resistance to the ground, the standard resistance value of 3 to 5 ohms (grounding resistance must be less than 5 ohms).

3, Resistance value measured with a RVV2.5mm , use copper core wire connect, one side need to connected to the lead end of the grounding network and another side connect with the user’s electrical equipment, which used in the grounding hole of the socket.

Installation steps

1, First find a damp place around the house, dig 1.5m2 × 300mm soil surface, and then use the prepared angle hit into the soil, and then 3 × 30mm flat iron they are connected with welding or with 8mm hole plus screw connection (around the hole with a file file clean, and then coated with Vasophos), leading to the ground 2 meters high, the soil buried grounding network.

2、Measure the resistance value of the net to the ground with a measuring instrument.

3, In the lead out of the top of the flat iron drill a hole of 8mm, file around the hole clean, and then coated with a layer of phosphorus Vaseline, and then tighten the wire and flat iron.

4, The last is to introduce the wire into the user’s wire slot, increasing the grid in a safety ground wire.

Professional things let the professionals do, we still recommend finding a professional electrician to deal with.

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