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Fabric laser cutting machine common problems and solution

Fabric laser cutting is more widely used, such as textiles, clothing, plush toys, fabrics, etc., often encountered the problem of cutting white fabric is easy to yellow, so how to solve this problem?

There are many types of fabrics, divided into non-woven, polyester, indeed, silk, satin, twill and so on, different components of the fabric laser cutting effect will be different.

Fabric laser cutting machine common problems:

  • Laser cutting white fabric problems mainly appear in some white cotton, dust-free cloth, containing PC or plastic components of the fabric class.
  • Cutting parts are prone to yellowing, discoloration, hardening and scorching.
  • uneven cutting lines, some places are thick, some places are thin.
  • cutting graphics with gaps.

Fabric laser cutting machine solutions to common problems.

Yellowing of the cut mainly by the power speed, the brand of the laser tube, blowing and other factors, the following points are notes.

  1. when cutting white cotton fabric to open the air compressor, it is best to use nitrogen.
  2. laser tube with hot stab W2 or hot stab W4 laser tube
  3. light intensity setting of about 20-30%, speed of 30-50 mm / s.
    If the light intensity is too large or the speed is too slow, it will lead to excessive heat and thus make the cutting edge hard and yellow.
  4. Pay attention to the choice of platform
    Cutting fabric if you use honeycomb board, the flatness of the honeycomb board is not good will affect the focusing effect, resulting in some places thick and some places thin, inconsistent cutting lines.

There are various reasons for not cutting through, such as the honeycomb base plate is too dirty, or the feeding platform of the automatic feeding model is not designed properly, the reflection is too strong.
The solution is to clean the base plate or reduce the corner light intensity (minimum light intensity).

Because laser cutting belongs to thermal processing, fabric composition also back to a variety of different, and can not completely eliminate the yellowing phenomenon of laser cutting fabric.

So it is recommended that customers who have requirements on the edge of the fabric, sample before buying the machine to confirm the effect before considering the purchase.

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