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What configuration of wood panel model laser cutting machine cutting gap will be smaller?

Do wooden toys, wooden board puzzle customers often ask this question, this article shares the key points of the wood board toy model laser cutting process

1. Wood board laser cutting spot to be finer, the selection of the laser tube is very important.

wood laser cutting

Laser tube is recommended to use 100 watts of thermal spikes or 80 watts of thermal stimulation light tube, the greater the power of the laser tube spot thicker. Some people may ask 60 watt power is lower, the spot is not finer? 60 watt spot, although fine, but low efficiency, and 60 watt laser tube life is short, if the machine is on 24 hours a day cutting, the laser tube must often change, very time-consuming and labor-intensive

2. The focal length of the focusing mirror is very important.

The smaller the focal length, the finer the spot, focal length with 50.8mm can be, someone will ask, 38.1mm focal length is not lower? The spot is not more fine? With 38.1mm must ensure that the board is absolutely horizontal flat, or cut a version down the scrap rate will reach 50%.

3. The board should be as flat as possible to ensure.

Some customers will find that after cutting a version, some places thick lines, some places thin lines, some even did not cut through, will suspect the laser tube, the machine has problems, in fact, the probability is because the board local unevenness, warping places. Suggest that customers find ways to use tools to flatten the board. 4.

4. Must be with the air compressor.

Cut the board is not allowed to use the air compressor, cutting lines will be finer, and the surface of the board, the back will be cleaner, because the air compressor out of the air volume, can take away a large part of the heat of laser burning. However, if it is the back of the board and the knife strip contact, there will be some back of the material burned black due to the reflection of the laser from the knife strip, so the support knife strip should be completely evacuated as much as possible. With the air compressor must be equipped with a cold dryer, because the use of oil and water separator alone or not enough, the air from the compressor will still have water and oil, resulting in easy cracking of the lens.

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