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Basis info for choosing CO2 laser cutter?

What is the basis information for choosing your laser cutter? Do you want to get started in laser cutting? Good idea ! This machine is a real wonder, and the economic potentials are real. But when you don’t know anything about it, it can be difficult to choose your laser

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What is CO2 laser used for?

What is CO2 laser used for? CO2 laser is one of the technologies that boasts the largest range of uses. The areas of application range from the medical sector to the repair of monuments. Whether it is applied to skin resurfacing or removing writing from ancient walls, CO2 laser is

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How to choose filed lens of laser marking machine

Our common lenses in laser marking machines are 50*50mm, 110*110mm, 150*150mm, 175*175mm, 220*220mm, 300*300mm, 500*500mm, etc. How to choose lenses is actually how to choose focal lengths, which are mainly determined by several factors?1. The size of the marked object2. The size of the marking range3. The precision of processing

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The basic advantage of laser marking

The basic advantage of laser marking The laser marking machine is under computer control, the workpiece and the laser beam move relative to each other, and the laser beam ablates the required symbols and patterns on the surface of the workpiece. With the development, laser marking technology has become an effective

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The advantage of the vision marking system

The advantage of the vision marking system Laser noting is a marking method that utilizes a high-energy density laser to irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface area product or create a chemical reaction to change the color, thereby leaving an irreversible mark. Laser marking can create different words, symbols

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How to choose laser marking machine

How to pick a suitable fiber laser marking machine appropriate for your item? Nowadays, as the types of laser noting machines are progressively raising and the functions are coming to be more and more diversified, customers are coming to be less and also less clear regarding the acquisition of laser

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New K40 laser engraver

How is New K40 portable laser engraver? Today I want to show you our new portable laser engraver, It is an upgrade of the traditional K40 engraver, as we know, K40 is a very old model of small laser engraver. Now we have new upgrade one. more practical and safer.

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UV laser marking machine and CO2 marking machine

UV laser marking machine and CO2 marking machine The times are advancing, and new ultraviolet laser technology is constantly popularized and applied, but our traditional CO2 laser technology still has its place and is also constantly improving. So in different industry applications, how should we choose?Let me talk about their

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The best choice of personalized custom knife-laser marking machine

The best choice of personalized custom knifes-laser marking machine Whether you sell knives for day-to-day lug, camping, or as collection agency’s things, you comprehend the value of customization to their proprietors. Many people that acquire blades like to have the option to individualize them, and the very best method to

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