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Laser marking electronic components

Laser marking electronic components Laser marking has many amazing applications in various fields and industries, but one of the most common and useful is the laser marking of electronics. The continuous progress of the world’s technology industries has brought with it a constant increase in demand for the various systems

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LASERS AND ACRYLICS – THE PERFECT COMBINATION Nowadays, in various branches of industry, we have incredibly precise machines that enable us to achieve every goal, even if it is an extremely small element or form. This is no different with acrylic processing with a laser. All projects, for which individually

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Why laser engraver cutter so popular

4 REASONS WHY A LASER CUTTING AND ENGRAVING MACHINE WILL BE A HIT IN YOUR COMPANY How to build an efficient production or service space? These are the tools available in every company, they attract customers, and the more customers your company has, the more profitable it will be. Potential

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Laser cutting in the shoe and leather industry

The present and future of laser technology in the shoe and leather industry “Today and tomorrow for Laser Technology in the leather industry. The leather and footwear industry around the world is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way products are manufactured using laser technology. THE TRADITIONAL SHOE INDUSTRY Traditionally,

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Why use laser cutting can reducing in building versions

Why use laser cutting can reducing in building versions? Utilizing Humma Laser in architectural tasks aids to restore the most imagination. By using 3D modeling software application such as Sketchup, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD or others, you can increase the modeling process and also build amazing layouts while saving a lot of

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Laser marking machine used in sensor industry

Application of Laser marking machine in sensor industry Laser Marking Machines for Sensors Fiber laser marking machines can laser mark a variety of sensors. Marking of product models, logos, parameters or graphics on the sensors, more complex logos and QR codes are possible.   Features: marking effect is obvious, high

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Application of marking machine in perfume industry

Application of marking machine in perfume industry Today we are going to talk about how the perfume bottle marking machine breaks the design of the traditional perfume bottle. Aroma is an expression of individuality, a way of invisibly reflecting taste,For centuries, the perfume industry has always had a very good

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Laser marking on Wooden tableware

How is the Laser marking machine make the natural wooden tableware special Wooden tableware marking machine makes life more beautiful Taste the sincere delicacy of life The pots and pans sonata is playing every day in our kitchen How can one lose a set of creative and good kitchen utensils in

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Fiber laser marking machine main features

Performance features and application fields of fiber laser marking machine In recent years, laser marking technology has been used in various industries. Why the fiber laser engraver is so popular? Fiber laser engraver is suitable for lots of materials, including hard plastics, silver, gold, copper and other metal materials, silicon

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